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    I am not quite sure about it.
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  4. Just want some opinions. I am new to this so, any tips etc would be nice. I would say its a mid range setup. Thanksss Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i5 Quad Core Processor i5-7400 (3.0GHz) 6MB Cache Motherboard ASUS® PRIME Z270-P: ATX, LG1151, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs Memory (RAM) 16GB Kingston DUAL DDR4 2133MHz (2 x 8GB) Graphics Card 4GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti - DVI, HDMI, DP 1st Hard Disk 1TB SATA-III 3.5" HDD, 6GB/s, 7200RPM, 32MB CACHE Power Supply CORSAIR 450W VS SERIES™ VS-450 POWER SUPPLY Power Cable 1 x 1 Metre UK Power Cable (Kettle Lead) Processor Cooling Super Quiet Titan DragonFly Heatpipe Intel CPU Cooler Yes, no....
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  7. Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, I bought my first custom build PC four days ago and I'm finding that I'm not getting the performance I paid for. Perhaps there's a component missing or that isn't talking well with another? I'll provide the specs so you can get a better idea. With the specs I'll provide I'm only achieving 12-20 fps on GTA V in 1920 x 1080 resolution with everything maxed out. Is that normal? Surely not. I've updated all the drivers for the GPU. Checked YouTube for any advice they might have but no such luck. Another thing I've noticed is that this is all happening while I'm only using 2.5-3.5 GB of the Graphics Card's 8GB. Could there be a problem with the GPU? Really hoping to resolve this as I'm aiming to achieve 60fps upwards at 4K in GTA and other games. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I hope you have a great day and happy gaming folks. ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Intel Core i7-6700k CPU 4.00GHz Processor x1 Gigabyte G1 Geforce GTX 1080 8GB GPU 64GB Ram (x2 Corsair Dominator 32GB DDR4 cards) Crucial 1TB SSD Corsair RM850W Power Supply Corsair Case - 780T Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
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  10. Hellllllllllo every one! Thank you all in advance for your time, i really appreciate it. Didn't play games for quite some time, and not high res games. i got myself tomb rider, and the witcher 3, but i can't even play normally on medium graphics. witch get stuck even on low graphics, that is so crazy. This is the list of my hardware installed, please share your knowledge and help me understand what is wrong, and what should i change in order to play witch on VERY HIGH/ULTRA video settings. CPU : Intel i5-3570K 3.4Ghz Mother board : Gigabyte H77-DS3H Memory : x2 DDR3 4Gb ( 8 in total ) - have 2 more slots free. Graphics : NVIDIA Georce GTX 550 Ti And again, thank you in advance. Really looking forward to play the witcher 3 in Ultra settings :)
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  13. Hi, Need opinions and preferences on these 2 chairs gt omega pro racing office chair Or X- rocker executive 2.0 wireless gaming chair Or any other under the £200 mark Cheers guys x
  14. First of all WELCOME to KSalue <3 I love your introduction , a salute from me to your boy I understand your story, since I am on the same boat as you in terms of age like 2 years younger than you ( I am 28 ), DOOM I love doom and I still didn't have the time to play the new one, but my brother @FreakOrama keeps insiting that I play the game. Hope to see more of you here and posting some more we have been a little off the site but we are back <3 If you want the Emoticons, just right click them and click save :P I will bringing more of them to site :3
  15. Yip, me LIKEY!! I saw one of the gaming tumblr's and the graphics were awesome, so i kept reading and the bad PC jokes was really funny. Anyways i saw there was link to this site and just gotta say its pretty KICK ASS guys,(and ladies,) really dig the emoticons, is there a link for downloads of that. I'm 30 so i started on the 8-bit era. And i must say... Seeing the evolution of gaming come from Mappy and the Contra style game play is quite incredible. More-so...that the young kids today can catch on so quick, I mean if u think about the fact that everything was flat. 2d until Sega, basic 2 button remote with /\ \/ <>, start and select. Everything was straight forward and there was no saving except the occasional game that would let you jot down a pass code for the next time but then u still wouldn't have ur save, it would be a preset level code. just sucked a lot i guess thinking about it now. But my 5 year old boy started wen he was the same age i started and he plays pretty great considering how much there is to games now days. 2 analogs and 8 buttons more, but My SonDiago loves saints row 4. Got it running on LAN so we play together and he uses the Xbox remote. but at least i have had the privilege, of getting all the emu's for the past consoles and a lot of my fave games from there, especially double dragon and those wicked 2 player games. He beats me in Mortal Kombat, only I never really enjoyed it much coz of the combo styles. I'm more of a Tekken guy and DOA. Damn i get off topic too quick but im proud of my little boy so I'm allowed to boast about him.. Besides the tremendous difference in size,qual......can actually say Every aspect of the gaming worlds now just cant compare. before we use to imagine how the fantasy world could look based on the sketches provided with the games. NOW mm-mm... WOW Yissie Skyrim had me for 3 months solid From the moment i wake till the moment i pass out early the next morning, didn't leave the house i just had to see the whole world that took so many people so many hours to create. In Call of duty, Rage, Bulletstorm , just cause 2 i found myself dying coz i spend so much time looking at the textures of the walls and just the basic environment. I respect hard work and i got to hand it the the game developers .. I'll take a bow to the entire Bethesda team, IF any of you are reading this, you have taken my breath away an many occasion and i can confidently say you have at least a year of accumulated in-game time from me ... actually now that im looking at the list of titles I think it could be way way more then that. I'm a finisher guy. wen I start I just NEED to finish. Doom, my ID friends, Is my 1st love. You will always have my absolute attention. Just right now funding isn't so abundant so i still gotta hang in there. I'M ITCHING SO FRIKKIN BAD to chainsaw an imp just for all the red sun looking Shtuffs, they always shot at me and for all the times they popped out of the corners in Doom 3.I even spent 2 weeks finishing every Doom made to date on the hardest setting and clocked them in order from 1 to bfg end. then im talking about plutonium and lost worlds and everything. Damn I'm a sucker for torture. Wofenstine.... rocks! I would really like to get into designing the worlds and weapons For the Virtual Reality Engines. Besides the fact that it pays really well it would be the best feeling in this world for my son and i to jam some unreal in VR and then Get into my Battlecruiser then fly out in the universe that i created. My internet sux just a bit so i cant download mod tools and the unreal engine. I cant even imagine wat command and conquer would look like if i was on the ground spawning these massive structures, running on the ground with apocalypse tank I'm even struggling to get the whole Skyrim legends to download and install, But I'm persistent so I'll eventually get the whole file.. Anyways this was my first comment for a general discussion and I hope I didn't Bore too many people with my bit of NON- sense. But I havent slept again and been up watching trailers and reading up and looking up for wat i will be needing. So If there is anyone reading this and you might know of a few sites where i can get some smaller downloadable items for modding could you please throw a comment or 2 out. thx for your time
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  25. What rank are you currently? I can get you to MG2 - MGE with decent W/L ratio. No DMG though, was stuck there myself.
  26. Guys, who play cs go can trade here with me... They can boost accounts for me and get rank in competitive in return i will pay them cs go keys... So guys who are interested plz take part...
  27. I'm debating Warhammer. It's only like 29 bucks on cdkeys.com but I haven't bit yet. Has anyone played the beta?
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