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  1. ust Yesterday DRIVECLUB released a new expansion DLC to get for Driveclub owner or as a standalone purchase. I got it and it was fucking bikes! they've added bikes to the game and it's so damn awesome! =3 Played my first race with it's and fell in love. not perfect obviously but so damn near to what motorcycle games from 12 years ago so I'm damn happy about that. Any one gave it a go?
  2. Pokemon GO is a new game on smartphone devices. Platforms: iPhone and Android. Pokemon GO is a video game that will be using real-world locations! There will be a small device called Pokemon GO Plus will enable Pokemon GO players to play without looking at their smartphones.
  3. So I just got an email from Nintendo saying that we can play Splatoon before its public release on the 29th of May. in certain times. took a screenshot:
  4. killallzombies live stream, launching on psn eu, and giveaway Not sure if you guys heard of a game called #killallzombies (yes that's the name) but i got it when it was released on the psn us, and honestly i had a lot of fun with it, expected it to be boring but it turned out the opposite (gameplay & thoughts). But anyway, it's launching on the psn eu today, and they're live streaming the game with new content (at 3pm gmt). What's even better is they hooked me up with a game key for it to giveaway (for psn eu accounts), so yea.. giveaway!=) if you got a ps4, and a eu psn account, or don't but know some one that does and will enjoy it, drop a comment as usual with these giveaways and will pick at random =)
  5. So i know there's a few of you who're more into consoles, so here's the first gameplay video of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running on PS4. It's actually pretty nice if you ask me.
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