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  1. looks nice for sure :D
  2. but it still considered a humanoid bot since its doing the same spam ad porpuse xD
  3. something is telling me that the dew is more important
  4. i know but still its advice i want to share even if bot it still and S6 edge >.> trust it feel bad T_T and it didnt live more than 2 moths T_T and ya about the bot thing they are getting wierder with there bost its not the 1st and wont be the last T_T
  5. I agree with @FreakOrama from the blood marks on the head and the wall the pistol and how she fell it's a murder and somehow looks like our killer there tried to fake it
  6. its a nice phone indeed Grats nya nya but from now i must tell u dont do the same mistake i did with my edge + and get a heavy armored case for it and screen protector cause i had the samsung lazy flap case and it fell from me once from highet of 1m and screen broke a little bit from up lift but now am stuck with the penality of touch dont work in the down side of the screen " where u type " and so i cant type any thing in it >.> :,c while if it got heated the whole touch system stop working >.> well gladly i got some insurnce on it so gonna fix it soon :D
  7. indeed u vanished for bad :,c well will come back again from hell and dont vansih again xD ......................................................................... well today some while i was driving with a friend i wanted to turn left but while i was turning someone came in the oppiste lane fast and didnt want to slow down so I stoped in middle of the way looking at him tell he slowed down and gave me the hating look + finger, so infront of him cause he made me mad a little bit i just waited more tell he started to think about a thing then i burned the tires a little in front of him while taking the turn while this song flying in my mind:
  8. it look as sweet as a little fluffy cat :3 and u must get that SSD to fall in a bigger love :p
  9. didn't hear this from long long time ago memorize incoming! meow
  10. Grats and Have fun with it nya :3 btw for msi heat thing i got a gt70 old one from gtx770m times :p and there is no heating issue only if u want to go to high performance on such a heavy laptop then there is there fan button which it turns the laptop into frozen age and change teh atmosphere of your room cause of the sound thats coming from the fan xD but overall its still living :c but i want a GT80 T_T sli ti :ccc meoooow
  11. I know that feel :c meoooooo
  12. hmm If you want a laptop that's OP and cheap go and search in msi :p u might find a better thing there with less price :p for me just dreaming with the MSI GT80 GTX980 ti SLI nya but yea its 2x the price u settled xD good luck finding a laptop that suits ya :3
  13. Interesting, Very interesting subject indeed-nya well from reading the story u made and the rest, It got a good future indeed, but since you are a loan wolf, God be with ya :3 meow. I hope you success and perfect it, you might think about visiting kickstarter if you didn't :p
  14. well it got released here in Saudi Arabia as well :3 didnt try it yet and i might forget it soon Oo
  15. Indeed it's-nya, and we need to make a better ranking ho ho ho meow :D

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