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Aion Going Free to Play For EU

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As mentioned in the title, Aion is going "Free To Play" in Feb 2012. Hearing this is good or bad, I'll stick with good since we don't have to pay anymore? People who bought the game will get a Veterans Account. I, to play the game had a limited edition account but then I stopped playing due to some personal reasons. But after seeing this I guess I'll be playing it till GW2 releases. Aion is really nice and "Nice Eye Candy" also,

and people who paid to play the game will keep their characters, no wipes. Lucky us Make sure you make the transfer before February. There are 3 types of accounts :


For More Info : http://www.aionfreetoplay.com/website/

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Guest MrSalue


well WoW got boring, when LK came out so ya still aion is kinda and whats nice thats it's free to play ?

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