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Final Fantasy XV Looks Awesome. Look at those Car Driving Controls and Options


I like exploring in beautiful games with beautiful vistas and beautiful characters with beautiful creatures and really high quality.. beautiful textures. Final Fantasy XV / 15 has that as a new video was released from a live-stream where you can hop in the back and enjoy the scenery as one of your buddies take control of the car and drive, or you take control and drive yourself in first person.

You can stop at any time and explore whatever, park at certain destinations so you won't lose your car, or lose gas in the middle of the road and then you have to push your car with your buddies to the nearest gas station.. yea that's kind of awesome.

It's kind of a shame that it's not coming to PC (at least not at launch. let's hope they announce a PC version) because it's using the latest tech and quality work, yet it can't be run and get complimented on powerful machines but on dated hardware. Oh well.

Here's the same video but without the commentary

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