Grand Cinema Review – AlHamra Mall Kuwait

Last week I went to Grand Cinema here in Kuwait at AlHamra Mall, it’s been 15 years since I last went to the movies, so let get this review started

First thing I noticed is how calm the AlHamra Mall , there was no people inside the mall like 80% empty , but that is not a bad thing  it was something peaceful as you could enjoy the place peacefully, I went to watch John wick 4 which kinda bad for me, but i’ll leave that for another review.

The Grand Cinema it self is a nice place to go but don’t expect to be as nice as other Cinema places that are avaible in Kuwait, they have a whole floor just for them, the ticket price is 3.5KWD for the standard cinema  and it can go up to 8KWD for the MX4D experience, the food hub they had minimal choices to choose from and their prices were kinda high to the variants of products they had and for the quality of food , I had a salted carmel pop corn but it was kinda medicore in comparison to other places that sells popcorn.








As for the Cenima hall it self, was kinda small which suprised me at first, but it kinda gave me a nice experiance as it will it give better sound effects due to the small area, the chairs were comfy and big ( I am a big size person  ) I was so relaxed throught the whole movie the leg space was nice as well , I am 180cm / 5″11  but you get that leg space to spready your leg comfoertablly but its good as if you were sitting on your desk or your dining table.


Overall I would give the 3.5 out of 5 I gave a 3.5 because of the dining food area.


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